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Looking for Help

Looking for Help

Our mission is to open doors for people affected by substance use so they can improve their lives and those of their families and communities.

                   * From a life dominated by substance use to one of freedom and choice;
                   * From a life of worklessness to one enriched by learning and meaningful activity
                   * From exclusion to security and participating in community life;
                   * From a life of crime to one without offending;
                   * From a troubled adolescence to a happier adult life.
                   * From a family that is fractured to one where people are together

We do this by sticking to our fundamental values

Belief – We believe people can make it
We firmly believe in everyone’s potential. We know that people can and do make remarkable changes.

Respect – How we work is as important as what we do
We will treat everyone respectfully – whether they use our services, work for us or work with us. We are creative, curious and flexible.

Partners – We do it together
We see partnerships as the key to better futures for people affected by substance use. We develop strong and meaningful partnerships with people who use our services, staff, other agencies, our funders,  and our communities. We will ensure that our services are accessible to all.

Ambition – We focus on recovery and outcomes
We want a world where people are no longer blamed for their substance use, no longer socially excluded and are given support to take ownership of and rebuild their lives.  We will call for more understanding, more compassion and more resources to make this happen. We will support staff and service users to keep learning and to set and achieve ambitious targets.

We will always have hope that people can create something better for themselves. Whatever they choose that to be.

Change will happen at the speed of trust.

People who use our services tell us all the time that what matters the most to them, is that we create a safe place that allows them to just be.

Adult Team

When someone is ready to make changes, we believe they need access to the right support in that moment, and we will try and accommodate this to the best of our ability. We offer an environment that is safe and trustworthy and we commit to being kind, authentic, non-judgemental, understanding, truthful, transparent, efficient, realistic and genuine, you don’t need to take our word for it, these are all the values that people who use our service have told us.

We are a day service that offers structure, support and guidance through a menu of groups and activities, that give you the choice to find, develop and create your own recovery. No two people are the same and likewise no two recoveries will be the same, so we support all recovery models.  The best way to see what we can offer you is to give us a call and we will arrange a time for you to come in and have a chat.

Looking for Help - Adult Team

We think Hamoaze is a pretty special place but don’t take our word for it, here are some of the things people have told us…


Yoga with Jason

Yoga With Jason

Promote your recovery with specialist yoga for addictions. Our yoga classes offer you a chance to find peace, overcome anxiety and depression and start to gain focus. 

Yoga is a holistic scientific approach that offers a practical solution to rebalance the body and mind, rewire neural pathways and resolve or manage existing medical conditions.

Jason aka skinnibuddha has been practising yoga and meditation since 1994. He uses specialist researched based techniques to support those wanting to break the addiction cycle and begin a new way of living. 

You can feel assured that the professional training and in depth of experience working in the field of addiction will benefit your transformation. Trained at Paramanand University, Madya Pradesh, India, and with some of the best yoga specialists in the world. Jason has developed yoga projects with Kripa Foundation (most reknowned de-addictions centres in India), holistic treatment programs in Nicaragua and now in UK here at Hamaoze House.

Come and join our weekly classes, no matter your state of mind or body. 

See the change, feel the change, be the change.

Yoga With Haidee

Haidee believes everyone should have access to the benefits of yoga and that sessions can be adapted so that anyone can take part. Sharing yoga with those coming to Hamoaze is something Haidee really enjoys.

Yoga sessions with Haidee provide an opportunity for people to take time out from day to day worries and to experience moments of peace. We use: simple breathing practices; gentle and appropriate physical movements and postures; meditation and relaxation practices in sessions to help develop calm in the mind and body.

Sessions are accessible to everyone and made easy to take part in – everyone is very welcome.

Yoga with Haidee