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For Family Members and Friends

For Family Members and Friends

Affected Others

This is a programme specifically for adults and families that are affected by a loved one’s drug and alcohol misuse. This is an opportunity for them to come together and work with professional people in understanding substance use and to support each other. It is important to feel that they are not alone in what they are going through and it is an opportunity to talk to each other and build strong friendships and support networks.

The group is from 1 – 3pm every Friday at Hamoaze House and anyone is able to access this service. Please contact us on 01752 566 100 or through the contact page if you are interested.

Family members and friends - Affected others
Family members and friends - Hidden Harm

Hidden Harms

Here at Hidden Harm, we are committed to supporting young people and their families who are exposed to substance use and who often go unknown to other services.

We are an early intervention project and provide young people with confidential and non-judgemental support and guidance to manage the difficulties they may be experiencing. We do this on a need led basis which establishes a trusting relationship where the client is able to gain an understanding around substances and their effects.

Bud Club

Bud Club is a resource for families who have a child / children with emotional / behavioural / neuro developmental issues. We are staffed entirely by volunteers and offer a range of activities for families to try including art, sport, yoga and cooking.

We have been running for nearly 6 years and are exceptionally proud that whole families attend and often say that it’s the only place that they come where they can completely relax.

The aim of the club has always been to be inclusive and non-judgemental allowing children (and adults) to try new activities without worrying about success or failure. Families often repost that they see positive changes in terms of self-confidence and reduction of anxiety after attending for a while. We’re also aware that friendship and support networks are formed which extend well beyond BUD club.

Family members and friends - Bud Club