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Client Portal

Client Portal

Important Notices

Welcome to Hamoaze House Client Portal. If you would like to attend Hamoaze House, please contact us and set-up a referral appointment. If you have any problems, questions or queries please contact us on 01752 566 100 or text us on 07561 852 080.

The Client Portal is under development at the moment.


 Hamoaze House Ideas Box: Please click here to submit your feedback.  

General Notices:

– ACUPUNCTURE: Is available at Harbour for all Hamoaze House service users (Tuesday – 12:45, Wednesday – 12:30, Friday – 11:15).

– There is a Stimulant Service at Hamoaze (Mondays and Tuesdays 9 – 11am; Thursdays and Fridays 3 – 5pm). Speak to a member of staff.

– The pop-up shop will be open every Friday at Hamoaze from 10 – 2.

Christmas Grotto: The grotto will be open from the 4th of December, we are looking for volunteers to be elves, you can also let a member of staff know if you’re interested.

Group Notices:

– Please be on time, we will be closing the group room doors when group starts.

– Art has moved from a Monday to Wednesday 1:15 – 2:45.

– Debate Group has moved to a Thursday 1:15 – 2:45.

– Plymouth Argyle Community will be in on Tuesday 12-2.

– Please be aware that we are not always able to provide lunches as we are short-staffed at the moment. If you are struggling and in need of a food voucher, we can alway assist.

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